Saturday, September 23, 2006

Late Night

It's after 3 am and my cute little wife has been passes out for a solid 3-4 hours. I'm on the Morphy's computer (in the dark) cause I'm still wide awake.
We drove down to Huntington after work today, and made great time. The Bullsharks were over until about 12, and then the party just keep going. It's great to catch up with friends and meet new people. Every time we come down we think about how nice it would be to live down here. I'm thinking it would be worth to give up a few comforts of Las Vegas to live near the beach (and great friends). I have to attempt to get some sleep, breakfast at the "Sugar Shack" will be the first priority in the morning.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Catching Up

A ton has transpired in the last month...a wedding, the honeymoon, and now marital bliss. Everyone told me that it would fly by and they were right. Thinking back I wish everything would have gone in slow motion so not to miss anything. It could not have been better, the wedding was beautiful and thanks again to everyone that came.

After the wedding in the LDS Las Vegas Temple, and the reception at The Las Vegas Country Club we were off to Kauai. The Grand Hyatt was incredible, and we did tons fun stuff...helicopter tour, snorkeling, catamaran ride up the Nepali coast, kayaking, and yeah lots of fun stuff. It was super hard to come back, but lucky for us we both have jobs we enjoy.

The next couple of weekends were busy as well. My little stud brother's mission farewell, and another reception in Reno. Now that we are finally back it's a matter of getting settled into the house. I don't understand how newlywed people can have so much stuff. We'll get it figured out.

I hope to get some more photos of the past months events soon.

The Beginning

Big thanks to the Morphys for introducing me to the blog world. Laura and I hope to create something that we can share with everyone, and hopefully everyone will enjoy.