Saturday, December 22, 2007

When work gets in the way of Blogging

Typically this time of year is pretty slow for my business, that's not been the case this year. I'm not complaining but it definitely has cut into the more important things in life like maintaining the Harber blog and training. has been busy but more than anything there hasn't been a ton to write about. I can sum up the past few weeks pretty quick:

Laura and I had the opportunity to go to the NFR (National Finals Rodeo) twice this year thanks to Mr. Paul Harber. It made me laugh that Laura was so into it; she kept telling me how much she was looking forward to it and was excited to be there the whole time. I thought this year was exceptionally good; those cowboys are amazing athletes. This was also the little buckaroo's first year at the rodeo, from what I hear he enjoyed himself pretty well.

Other than the Rodeo it's been Christmas parties and shopping. I'm very grateful for my sweet wife that takes care of the majority of the shopping. She also gets credit for the holiday decorations around the house. This is another activity that I try and stay out of, but I do enjoy the decorations once everything is up.

We had a great game of Risk with the boys last week. Thanks to the Moodys for introducing me to my new favorite game.

I've been slacking major on the training schedule. After next week I need to get serious and get with the program. The half marathon is a little over a month away, and the half Ironman is only about 3 months away. Jesse's going to be a serious contender at the Buffalo run on Catalina.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Harber weekend in SLC

We spent last weekend in SLC with the Paul and Nola Harber Family. It was a kicked back weekend just to hang out with everyone. We went out to eat, did some serious shopping and checked out the lights at Temple Square. We were lucky enough to get snow for most of the weekend... It definitely helped to get into the holiday season.

The one bummer was that Southwest lost my bag. We were planning on carrying on our bags until we found out one of the traveling family members had to check their bag. Laura and I decided to check ours since we would have to wait at the baggage claim anyways. All bags made it to SLC but mine. The best part is that I still don't have the bag (as of 12/7/07), and Southwest makes you wait 30 days until they reimburse for anything. I didn't realize how much I had in the sucker until I started to itemize the list. The most missed items in the bag are my running shoes and my heart rate monitor. I can't afford to let 30 days slip by without essential training tools, especially while that sucker Anthony is in the middle of his "eye of the tiger training."

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera for the weekend so not many photos until someone emails me some. I did receive one photo that I loved. I gave my nephew a doughnut at breakfast one morning and he had no problem taking care of it.