Friday, March 27, 2009

You're Not Hardcore

I'm not suggesting that I am either; but the reason I can make the statement in the title is that I witnessed two stunts that raised the bar in my mind.

A few weekends back I cruised up to St George to do a quick ride with the Sabrosa Crew. Before I headed up I was told that there may be a few different calibers of riders that might be tagging along. It was meant to be a leisurely century (100 miles) up to Zion and back so no big deal.

1st Stunt

John decides to ride a damned newspaper boy delivery bike. Now granted it's a beautify handmade bike built by his own hands but it's a fixed gear outfitted with fenders and a freaking canvas saddle bag on the back. I'm pretty sure he does this kind of crap to make people like me feel like a tool that show up with a light fancy-pants bike. He's not in the picture above but I can assure you he has a subtle smug smile just like the one he has when he beats you up a hill on a bike that weighs twice what yours does.

2nd Stunt

Now when Mr. Sabrosa plans a ride he will typically invite all types. There happened to be a couple of folks just getting into cycling and then there was the guy on a mountain bike, carrying a backpack equipped with a telescoping handle and rollerblade wheels in case he wanted to just pull it behind the bike. Turns out he didn't plan on riding the whole 100 miles and got picked up around mile 40. The 2nd stunt is in reference to Billy; he's the guy in the picture wearing sweat pants, cargo shorts, and skate shoes. This crazy sucker tried to leave his house without a water bottle because he claimed he didn't need it. Now Billy did ride the whole thing and kept up with the group.  It's scary to think how fast this guy will be once he figures a few things out. 

Despite getting schooled by the folks above it was a beautiful ride, and great to knock out the years first century.  Next time a plan on wearing my one piece speed suit and and the teardrop time trial helmet.  Maybe that'll give me a edge.  

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weston at 2 Months

Yesterday was a tough day for Weston. He had his two month appointment and was given his first set of shots. I swear he was mad at us for the rest of the day. He would wake up from his naps screaming and would not calm down. He would scream for 30 minutes to an hour and then fall back asleep. By 4 p.m. he forgave us and was smiling and playing again.

Here are his current measurements:  11 lbs, 11 oz (50th percentile); 22 1/2 inches long (30th percentile); and his head measures 15 inches (10th percentile - I think the girl measured wrong because he seems to have a big head to me. Maybe it's just his cubby cheeks that have me fooled.)

Here are some new pictures of the little chunk. Thank you cousin Aubrey for his "I love NY" onesie. He loves it!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

I'll start by saying that out of the two 24 hours races I've done in Tucson this was probably the more enjoyable. Not to say that last year wasn't a good time, but this year was a blast. The weather was perfect, we had a rad team, and oh yeah I didn't have to sleep in a tent. Lucky for me Rob's buddy pulled his camper out. I don't like to be a pansy but when you come in from a lap at 2:00 am I'd much rather climb into a heated camper than a cold tent.

2009 Racers Sabrosa Cycle Team

Sorry ladies the hot gentleman showing his nipples is happily married. Not that it needs justification but this was taken after riding bikes for 24 hours, needless to say we were pretty beat.

Rob coming into the transition tent

Just a minor correction from Laura's previous post, we actually came in 15th out of 135 teams. John and Racer (as always) pulled some super fast laps; I'm proud to say that Rob and I had a few decent laps ourselves. On average I think my laps time were about 15 minutes faster than last year. I'm sure it's due to the magic that that Mr. Sabrosa weaved into the Surly. With a few new bits and pieces she rides like a whole new pony.

John was picked for the Lemans start; he did his first lap in the Hot Rod suit. Imagine how you'd feel getting passed by a guy in a one piece dickies suit, wearing a cape?

This is just a small shot of a few of the bikes lined up at the start. The intention was not to include the guy in the goofy hat, and no I don't know him.

Dan finishing a lap.

This was a great weekend that I'll definitely look forward to next year.  I've promised to drop some time on my laps next year so that I can continue to ride with the same crew.  Rob, you better get on that pony; I plan on widening that 12 second lap average next year!