Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wheel Sucker

According to a sheriff's report, George N. Magalhaes, 35, of Fort Pierce, Florida, traded his purple 19-speed mountain bike for four rocks of crack cocaine. Unfortunately, the dealer was an undercover detective, who arrested Magalhaes and sent him to jail.

Bottom line: It doesn't pay to abandon your ride!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Assult on Mt Charleston & Highway Robbery

Last weekend I made the years first trip up Mt Charleston. Due to the lack of riding partners I had to roll solo. I’d definitely rather ride with a group but sometimes it’s kind of nice to ride alone. You can cruise at your own pace and have some time to think.

Turns out my decrease in weekly mileage has helped a ton. The past few weeks I’ve been playing in the overtraining danger zone. This happens when you’re putting in too many miles, or riding with guys that are too fast. I say that it helped a ton to cut back because I felt fresh and was able to stay aerobic almost the entire way up; the top gets a bit steep so I went anaerobic for a bit. The ride was great and I definitely look forward to riding up there more this summer.

This is the highway robbery part:

I hit the Charleston Lodge and pulled over to fill the water bottles. I didn't know if there’d be water available so I was prepared to be happy with just about anything. Luckily there was a café inside that sold drink so I was pumped. I grabbed a Vitamin Water and headed for the cashier; the clerk rings it up says, “That’ll be $ 3.25 please.”

Me: Excuse me?

Clerk: $ 3.25

(I thought for a split second about going out back a peeing in my water bottle but remembered that should be reserved only for desperate occasions.)

Me: I must have grabbed the wrong one; do you have the nonalcohol version of Vitamin Water?

Clerk: Vitamin Water doesn’t come with alcohol, does it?

Me: No man I was just kidding because that seemed to be a bit much for a bottle of flavored water.

Clerk: You know, it’s just that rule of supply and demand.

This is where I just smiled, signed the receipt and walked out. Not only was the guy too slow to get my joke but he was going to make some jackass comment about supply and demand. I would much rather had him say (and probably laughed with him),” Bend over and grab your ankles cause there’s no other shops to buy drinks up here.” I’m no econ major (unlike my beautiful bride) but I’m pretty sure they bought those drinks at the same Costco that I do.

To be honest I have no problem paying a premium for goods where the premium is earned. For instance I would gladly pay (without complaining) $ 5.25 for a Vitamin Water in the middle of the Sahara Desert, or maybe on the trail to the Everest Basecamp. But the difference there is that the Sherpa that sold me the water out of a cooler, from the back of his yak truly deserves it. I will complain however when some idiot tells me it’s a matter of supply and demand 15 miles from Vegas.

I didn’t let this ruin my ride but it did provide for some interesting perspective. I just paid $ 3.25 for a 20 oz beverage. At the per gallon price that would be $ 20.80; and I complain about gas prices!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Botox Lifts: The Next Breast Thing?

No offence to any of you that have partaken in the botox trend but the above video is just too weird. Our society must put an unbelievable amount of pressure on people to the point where they're willing to inject poison into their bodies to look good.

What's next? Are men going to follow in Dave Chappell's foots steps and botox their balls to take the wrinkles out? In the words of Mr. Chappell, "They're smooth as eggs!"

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Damn the Wind!

I went for a short ride this morning and encountered the storm above. It makes being outside extra enjoyable when you get sandblasted on top of being blown around. I'm pretty sure Las Vegas is being punished for it's sinful ways because I don't remember the spring ever being this windy.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sweet Revenge

If you're a road cyclist you'll probably agree that ignorant motorist with their constant honking can be pretty frustrating. You might not even be in the way and they still decide to lay on the horn.

The link below is to the Surly (producer of very fine bicycles) blog and has the best story of sweet revenge that I've heard in a long while. You'll enjoy it whether you ride bikes on the road or not.