Monday, April 30, 2007

Moments of Doubt

Last weekend was both fun and painful. Quinn invited me to a buddy's cabin down in Arizona to play paintball. This was the perfect spot to play, 10 acres of tall juniper trees and rolling hills. We has 3 games of 4 on 4, it was a blast. That crazy sucker that's wearing a short sleeve shirt in the picture actually wore it during the game. I think he was trying to prove that he was man enough to take a shot, but welts that he had after the game sure weren't worth it. This was the fun part of the weekend.

(I'm on the bottom right, Quinn Brown top second from the left)

The painful part of the weekend was the long run that Laura and I did. Lucky for me she was having an off day so I was able to keep up. We did 18 miles and I suffered the entire time. I bought Laura a GPS watch that gives her the pace, distance and her heart rate. I would desperately listen for the chime that would go off to mark every mile. You know it's going to be a bad run when you are looking forward to the first mile alarm. It's after a run like this, that I doubt that I will have a strong finish at the marathon. As we finished I thought, "If I had to run another 8 miles could I do it?" My answer was that maybe if my life depended on it. I think I'll be fine, it was just a rough day.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Wife the Champ

Not that a ton of people read our blog but just wanted all the dedicated friends to know that we're still kicking.

Laura and I did our long run this weekend together; 15 miles. For those of you that know about our difficultly training together that is a huge surprise. For those of you that don't know I'll try and explain:

The main problem is that Laura is very competitive (and so am I). The other problem is that she is faster than me (for right now). My sweet wife is very subtle about this, but she like to display her abilities when we run together. To be completely honest I get a little insecure when she slowly pulls away and picks up the pace. I hung with her for the most part this weekend but she still finished before me. I am so proud of her for training hard it just sucks that she's stronger than me (for right now). If I'm going to keep up with her at the marathon I have a lot of work to do. Only a little over a month away until the San Diego Marathon!

My advise for the week is to find something to train for, it's great motivation to get yourself in shape.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cool & the Gang

Last Friday Laura and I went to see the legendary band " Cool & the Gang". OK maybe not legendary but they had some great hits:

Get Down on It
Too Hot
Jungle Boogie
Ladies Night

The show was at a fairly small local club, I was surprised that they would play at such a small venue; sounds like times have been better for the band. Anyway it was a good time and the jams were funky.