Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Our little frog

Weston's first Halloween -

The Friday before Halloween, we went to the Stake Track or Treat. You would think that with two huge bags of candy from Costco and a pumpkin basket full of candy, that we would have enough - oh no we ran out.

Weston was a good sport and kept his hat on all night, but the feet were another story. He was taking those off every chance he could.

On Halloween night we went trick or treating with our good friends, the Brown's. They have a little girl Sienna, who dressed up as Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). Check out her fancy wig - I laughed at it all night!!

Can't wait for next year!!


Amanda said...

ah! he's getting so big! love the frog costume :) it's been forever since i've seen you guys- are you going to be in vegas for Christmas this year?!

Laura said...

I'm not sure what our plan is for Christmas this year. We may go to Salt Lake. If we do we will only be there for a couple of days, so if you come to Vegas we need to get together. We miss y'all!!

aubrey said...

i m iss you guys!

McEwen Family said...

Loving the frog costume!!! He looked so cute at the track or treat! Thanks for letting us crash the party...Sienna's wig was awesome...and so funny! Bet the kiddos looked adorable trick or treating!

Jared and Brooke said...

What a sweet costume!!!

Amy said...

Very good tribe standard. Continues to refuel!

somebody said...